5 May 2004

Payroll changes in PNG delay doctors' pays

8:59 am on 5 May 2004

The central government's new payroll procedure in Papua New Guinea is being blamed for the delay in junior doctors getting paid.

53 junior physicians have been working for no pay since January.

A spokesman for the Department of Health, Timothy Pyakalyia, says they have submitted all necessary paperwork to get junior doctors onto the payroll.

Mr Pyakalyia says before, junior doctors were paid through the Department of Health.

But now he says, changes last year require the Department of Personnel Management and Treasury, to approve it.

"We have a bit of a problem with the financial situation in Papua New Guinea, so they're trying to centrally control new people coming in to the workforce. Firstly where do they come into that ceiling and secondly whether there's money to pay them so that departments not taking money for elsewhere to pay people. The central government has decided to control the new people going onto payroll."

Mr Pyakalyia says he expects all the new doctors will get back-paid.