3 May 2004

French Polynesian pro-independence movement plans mass demonstration

3:46 pm on 3 May 2004

French Polynesia's pro-independence movement has organised two anti-government marches at the end of next week - just eight days before the election of a new parliament.

A spokesperson for Tavini Huiraatira, Tea Hirshon, says the protesters will start one march from Mahina, and another from Faa'a to converge in the centre of Papeete.

Ms Hirshon says the government under Gaston Flosse is very dangerous for the country's future.

"The march is to get rid of the government led by Mr Flosse. The message is enough of corruption, and its time to change this government. That's what it's all about."

Tea Hirshon says the march will coincide with Tavini signing a partnership agreement with the French Socialist Party.