27 Apr 2004

Nauru chooses former minister to act on behalf of detainees in Australian-run camps

3:38 pm on 27 April 2004

Nauru's justice minister, Russell Kun, has nominated his uncle, Reuben Kun, to act on behalf on asylum seekers who are detained in an Australian-run camp on the island.

This comes after the minister barred an Australian legal team from entering Nauru to represent the detainees in tomorrow's hearing.

Mr Kun said he saw no need for the lawyers to attend.

A government spokeswoman says Reuben Kun, who is a former finance minister, has been given notes by the Australian lawyer.

She says he will read those notes but will not argue the case.

While the detainees' lawyers were prevented from from entering Nauru, Australian QCs and senior counsel for the Nauru and Australian governments were allowed to travel and appear in court.