23 Apr 2004

Guam attorney-general office faces eviction

3:11 pm on 23 April 2004

The Attorney-General's Office in Guam is facing eviction because it has failed to pay rent since 1996 totalling over 3-million US dollars.

The Attorney-General Douglas Moylan says a Court Administrator has served a draft notice of default and demand for payment to his office, which is located in the Guam Judicial Center.

Mr Moylan says he has asked the Legislature to appropriate more than 436,000 dollars for this year's rent.

He says if he can cover the current rent then the judiciary is willing to forgive the remaining debt.

"They've offered instead of paying all the rent back since 1996, they're prepared to accept the rent just for this year and then go forward. So we've transmitted a letter over to our oversight chairman and request he resolve the situation."

Douglas Moylan.