15 Apr 2004

Former New Caledonian Kanak leader splits from main anti-independence group

10:14 am on 15 April 2004

Senior Kanak leader Roch Wamytan is said to have split from the main Caledonian Union list to contest elections in New Caledonia for a separate group.

Caledonian Union is the main political party of the pro-independence FLNKS movement and, like others, is finalising candidate lists ahead of a Sunday deadline.

Nicole Waia, speaking for the Caledonian Union president, Pascal Naouna, says Mr Wamytan was placed 15 on the Caledonian Union list after he was nominated by one local committee among 32.

Mrs Waia says Mr Wamytan, a former FLNKS president, did not accept the placement and will form another list separate from the union but still within the FLNKS movement.

Mrs Waia, herself a Caledonian Union candidate, says she's not happy about the situation regarding Mr Wamytan.

"No, no I'm not happy but what do you want? It's ... a lot of people, they try to get a power and when they lose the power, you know, it's difficult to accept that they lose the power."

Voters go to the polls in provincial elections in New Caledonia on May 9.