8 Apr 2004

Inconclusive Vanuatu presidential election prompts new voting on Saturday

4:11 pm on 8 April 2004

The Vanuatu presidential elections are to held again on Saturday after a deadlock in parliamentary voting this morning.

Our Correspondent Kalvau Moli has the details.

"What has happened is that the government has been unable to secure a successful candidate for president. The election went through, however the required number to elect the president is two thirds of the 58 members of the electoral college but that was not able to happen today. That has prompted the acting chief justice who acts as the presiding officer over the elections to recall the elections for Saturday, but then the successful candidate must pass with two thirds of 58 which means a successful candidate will have to secure at least 39 votes."

Kalvau Moli says former MPs Kalkot Mataskelekele and Alfred Masing appear to be the favourites.