6 Apr 2004

Former Fiji prime minister proposes new political grouping

11:33 am on 6 April 2004

The former Fiji prime minister and 1987 coup leader, Sitiveni Rabuka, is proposing the setting up of a new political grouping based on offering all races equal opportunities.

He has told radio Legend that he has had informal discussions with other parties on the issue such as New Labour, the Democrats and the Fijian Association, and is hoping to get some groundwork done by October.

Mr Rabuka says the Cakaudrove West constituency meeting of his Fijian Political party, the SVT, has endorsed the formation of a broad-based group to be known as the Fiji Multiracial Alliance.

"The prevailing thought is that we should now work with like-minded parties, who support affirmative action for the weak, who support affirmative action in business areas for Fijians, who support harmonious multi-racial co-existence, to go into what I suggested could be termed a Fiji Multi-racial Alliance."

Mr Rabuka says the parties who do not wish to discard their former names can come in under an umbrella of like-minded parties.