5 Apr 2004

Fiji police say Australian officer to assess two investigations by local police

2:00 pm on 5 April 2004

Fiji police say an Australian intelligence officer will be assessing two investigations conducted by local police.

Police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says these include the file on the agricultural scam as well as the one on the police officers alleged to be involved in the coup.

He says this follows on from the two New Zealand police officers who checked out other investigations linked to the coup.

Mr Koroi says the policy has been for an external party to come in and check to ensure nothing is missed and this doesn't just mean coup cases.

"There is a major investigation going on in connection with the allegations that government had used some funds to buy votes in the last general elections in what is commonly known here as the agricultural scam. That particular file, that will be looked at by the Australian investigator."

Mr Koroi says the officer will be in Fiji for about a month.