3 Apr 2004

Fiji police call in analyst to help investigations into police involvement in coup

9:16 am on 3 April 2004

An intelligence analyst from the Australian Federal Police will arrive in Suva on Monday to help with investigations into the involvement of Fiji police officers in the coup.

The Fiji Times reports that this has been confirmed by the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, who himself came to Fiji from the Australian Federal Police.

Mr Hughes says the analyst will go through all the information uncovered by the police special task force carrying out the investigation and try and ascertain linkages.

He says he has had meetings with the director of public prosecutions on the issue and it will not be long before disciplinary action is taken against offending officers.

Mr Hughes says his predecessor, Col Isikia Savua, is also under investigation and will be called to answer to allegations if the need arises.

Col Savua was appointed Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations last year.