1 Apr 2004

Big project urged to boost PNG economy

11:44 am on 1 April 2004

A spokesman for the Australian Papua New Guinea Business Council Frank Yourn says to give the battered PNG economy a kick and attract outside investment, a major project needs to get underway.

At this week's Australia - PNG business conference in Cairns, delegates heard that the long delayed gas pipeline to Queensland, may be ready to move to the next phase.

Frank Yourn says if this happens, it will have a positive effect through the PNG economy.

"It will open up jobs for contractors and subcontractors in PNG as well as in Australia and subcontractors and for suppliers of goods and services. And that's true of any big resources project that gets underway and there hasn't been a big resources start-up for some time."

Frank Yourn.

He says PNG also has a very good team of Ministers working in the Finance portfolios and they are helping to create a more attractive business environment.