25 Mar 2004

Fiji's prime minister to hold bilateral talks in New Zealand

5:08 am on 25 March 2004

Fiji's prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, will arrive in New Zealand on Friday for bilateral talks with his counterpart, Helen Clark.

His private secretary, Pene Nonu, says Mr Qarase will be in the country until April the 1st but will then return to New Zealand the following week for the Pacific Forum leaders retreat.

Mr Nonu says this trip also includes some business matters.

"The highlight of this visit would be a meeting with the prime minister as well as a meeting with the governor-general, and those will be held in Wellington and Auckland respectively. And, also while the prime minister will be in Auckland, he will be attending a trade conference."

Mr Qarase is also believed to be attending the Blues/Hurricanes match over the weekend.