23 Mar 2004

Fiji police say terrorism threat low

3:15 pm on 23 March 2004

Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says the threat of terrorism in Pacific Islands countries is low.

But the Fiji Sun says Mr Hughes is warning that island countries should not be too complacent and should work together, and be seen by the world to be working together, to fight terrorism.

Mr Hughes says Pacific islands are scattered and therefore easy targets.

Meanwhile, Fiji's civil aviation minister, Josefa Vosinabola, has revealed that one of the reasons the government has sidelined plans to have air marshalls on Air Pacific flights is that Fiji is considered a safe place.

He says while the government supports the idea of air marshalls, they are not really needed now.

Mr Vosinabola says the Fiji government is looking at amending local laws because current legislation does not allow arms and ammunition to be carried inside airliners.