23 Mar 2004

Director of Solomons development trust rejects PM's criticism of Dr Roughan

10:15 am on 23 March 2004

The executive director of the Solomon Islands Development Trust, Abraham Beanisia, says an attack on the Trust's technical advisor, Dr John Roughan, by the Prime Minister, was unjustified.

The Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, made a scathing attack on Dr Roughan's 20 years at the SIDT, saying he was full of words but his action are hollow and his time at the body had achieved little.

It was in response to Dr Roughan's many criticisms through the media of the Government failings.

But Abraham Beanisia says the SIDT was largely the product of Dr Roughan's doctoral thesis and he is still needed at the organisation after 20 years.

He had this offer for the Prime Minister.

"I f he thinks he can do better, then the doors of the SIDT and the replacement of a technical advisor is open for him - Prime Minister, that is"