22 Mar 2004

Tropical depression affects south of Vanuatu

3:50 pm on 22 March 2004

A tropical depression that has been affecting Vanuatu is now south-southwest of Tanna Island.

A Vanuatu forecaster in Port Vila, Alan Arai, says the depression is heading southeast.

"It's heading south east direction. Most of the winds the island's receiving is around 20 to 35 knots, that's the area around the southern islands, southern part of the country including and Efate island. Most of the winds are coming from north westerlies."

Alan Arai says he expects the depression to have dissipated by tonight.

He says most islands are experiencing heavy rainfall, with Efate gettinghaving a record 138.5 mm of rain yesterday.

Mr Arai says sea craft are warned about rough seas, with heavy northwesterly swells.