22 Mar 2004

Palau holds western Micronesian summit

3:53 pm on 22 March 2004

The leaders of four Western Pacific nations have held the second summit of a sub-regional grouping in Palau.

The Western Micronesia Chief Executives Summit has brought together leaders from Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Yap State and the President of Palau.

Our correspondent in Palau, Scott Radway, says priorities include marketing their islands as a single regional destination, and improving healthcare, education and lowering shipping fuel and air travel costs.

He says the group, which first met a year ago, wants to prioritise a regional re-cycling programme.

"Each island is struggling with the issue. And some of them have basic pilot programmes that are for recycling but really the major issue these islands are dealing with is getting some kind of sanitary landfills."

Scott Radway