19 Mar 2004

PNG police minister says force need more capacity

4:14 pm on 19 March 2004

The Papua New Guinea Police Minister, Bire Kimisopa, says capacity building in the police is the key to solving the country's law and order problems.

Australia's multi-million dollar Enhanced Co-operation Package is intended to strengthen the police force, law and justice agencies and key government departments.

Mr Kimisopa has told the Post Courier newspaper that the government and the police need the package, and that it is vital for the country, but on its own it will not improve law and order.

He says PNG needs to also enforce programs on capacity building.

Mr Kimisopa says the lack of capacity in the police is an obstacle to addressing law and order issues in PNG.

He says another obstacle is the lack of stability in the force and the fact it had to struggle on limited resources.