19 Mar 2004

Pacific delegation concerned about flights to festival in Palau

11:45 am on 19 March 2004

Preparations for this year's Pacific Festival of the Arts in Palau are on track, but concerns have been raised about the number of flights into the country.

As many as 3,000 people are expected to take part in the festival.

A delegation which visited Palau says it's happy with the preparations, but voiced concerns over the lack of flights.

Our correspondent Scott Radway says as flights only arrive from Guam and the Philippines, the government is looking at a new carrier.

"There is the benefit in April, probably latest in May, there is going to be a regional airline started, a island-owned regional airline, called Palau Micronesia Air. They are planning to fly out of Darwin Australia at least a couple of times a week on a regular schedule but they might add more flights. That's looked to as a point maybe to get some people in from the South Pacific."

Scott Radway says the Palau government is also looking at Continental Airlines.