18 Mar 2004

Legality of Cook Islands broadcasting licence queried by MP

4:29 pm on 18 March 2004

The head of a Cook Islands media group says it's an outright lie to claim that its broadcasting licence is illegal.

This has been claimed by a MP, Norman George, who had issued the licence in 1999.

The head of the Pitt Media Group, George Pitt, says the claims are contradictory, leaving the onus and responsibility are entirely with Mr George's.

"Now probably in a moment of depressed thought, he's conjured up that it's now illegal. Now one week, he's advised government it has expired. The next week he says it's illegal. Now the question is, if he gave the license and its illegal, then he's the one who's committed the illegal act. So he should be investigated and be charged for committing an illegal act."

George Pitt says for him, it's business as usual unless someone physically comes in to shut the company down.

He says Mr George is targeting them, because they refuse to be bullied into publishing politically correct stories about politicians.

Mr Pitt believes Mr George is being motivated to shut them down by the fact elections are coming up.