15 Mar 2004

American Samoa to fund new transport help for Manu'a

4:56 pm on 15 March 2004

Lawmakers in American Samoa have endorsed a law to spend half a million US dollars for air and ocean transportation services to the Manu'as.

The governor's legal counsel, Henry Kappel, says the measure is on the desk of the governor and was expected to be signed into law.

With the possibility of Inter Island Airways pulling out of domestic service and the MV Manuatele III out of service due to engine problems, Governor Togiola Tulafono says it is pertinent that money is available to ensure uninterrupted transport for Manu'a residents.

Togiola says he is also prepared to ask the Samoa government-owned Polynesian Airlines to step in again and request cabotage approval from the US Department of Transportation for the carrier to operate a domestic service.