11 Mar 2004

NZ company says charter flights to Fiji still uncertain

5:07 pm on 11 March 2004

The New Zealand travel company Flight Centre says its holiday package to Fiji will not be automatically offered again after the charter airline Airwork has been permission to fly to Nadi.

Last week, the travel agency stopped the offer and blamed the Fiji government for delaying a licence for Airwork to fly the route from New Zealand.

A spokesperson Clare Naden says it is frustrating to learn that just a week after the cancellations, Airwork has got the go-ahead.

However she says it does not mean the special deals are back on.

"It's not quite that simple unfortunately because a lot of the agreements we've had to dismantle to an extent. I mean there are things like staff issues, booking engines, that kind of thing, a lot of behind the scenes stuff that we just have to do some work on I guess."

But Clare Naden says the Flight Centre's interest in providing cheap Fiji deals has not entirely cooled off.