10 Mar 2004

Vanuatu government claims reshuffle stabilises administration

12:24 pm on 10 March 2004

The Vanuatu Prime Minister's spokesman says the government is now stable after the latest Cabinet reshuffle - the third in a matter of weeks.

The changes, which include the replacement of Finance Minister Sela Molisa, come as Prime Minister Edward Natapei tries to maintain control after a rift in his Vanuaaku Pati over his disputed election as party president.

The issue is now the subject of a judicial review.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister's spokesman, Daniel Bangtor, says the Vanuaaku Pati leaders have committed to keeping the party together.

"It was unanimously agreed by the leaders that whatever the decisions of the court, whether it is in favour of the election of Natapei's executive or in favour of the outgoing ones, everybody has agreed to stand by that decision. No matter what, the leaders have committed that the party must stay together."