9 Mar 2004

Morobe governor restates opposition to Australia's PNG deployment

4:22 pm on 9 March 2004

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Morobe province has renewed his call to throw out Australian advisers, by asking the Ombudsman Commission to review their engagement under the Enhanced Australian Aid Programme.

Luther Wenge, who was roundly criticised for his threat to have Australian police or advisers thrown out if they entered his province, has reiterated his claim that their deployment in key government departments will undermine PNG's sovereignty.

He has told the National newspaper that they will have access to national secrets which could place the nation at risk.

He says it would be better if they came in as teachers, doctors, nurses or police officers rather than being appointed to positions within ministries.

Mr Wenge said Papua New Guineans should go back to the land to make money rather than depend on Australian handouts to fix problems.