8 Mar 2004

A second Solomon Islands Deputy Police commissioner is charged

8:19 am on 8 March 2004

A second Solomon Islands Deputy Police Commissioner, Wilfred Akao, has been arrested in Honiara.

He was detained by regional assistance mission police working with Professional Standards Investigators.

Akao has been charged with abduction, intimidation and making false claims as an official.

He appeared in court in Honiara over the weekend and has been granted bail.

Last week, Deputy Police Commissioner, John Homelo, was arrested and charged with one count of abuse of office and five of falsifying claims.

Solomon's police have also arrested the partner of the former Malaita militant commander, Jimmy Rasta Lusiba'ea.

Vika Koto now faces two murder charges.

The arrest of Ms Koto brings to six the number of people arrested and charged in relation to the murders to two special constables in January 2002.