8 Mar 2004

Solomon's NGO says land and marine resources are under threat

8:24 am on 8 March 2004

A Solomon Islands NGO says population growth and the drive to boost the economy pose major threats to land and the coastal marine resources.

Dr Morgan Wairiu of the Environmental Concerns Action Network or ECANSI says the growing population means land used for subsistence agriculture is not lying fallow long enough.

He says this is depleting the soils and causing deforestation.

Dr Wairiu says ECANSI is working at the grassroots level to try and change practices.

"We can introduce some cropping system that are more sustainable instead of the current system where they keep moving and coming back to the same place within a year or two and that is something that has a big impact on soil fertility and the physical nature of the soil as well as being responsible for lack of biodiversity."

Dr Wairiu says the coasts are also being depleted with people not only harvesting for their own needs but being offered income for everything from live fish to coral.