5 Mar 2004

Solomon Islands businessman on extortion charges

5:11 pm on 5 March 2004

A Solomon Islands businessman Rolland Timo has been charged on one count of demanding money with menaces and is now remanded in police custody to re-appear on March 18th.

Timo appeared briefly yesterday at the Central Magistrates Court in Honiara.

According to court papers, Timo has been charged in relation to an incident on the 3rd of September 2001, when a vehicle driven by a Mr Konare allegedly collided with Timo's vehicle and subsequently caused damage.

The court heard that Timo had demanded five-thousand Solomon Islands dollars as compensation from the complainant who only paid three-thousand.

The prosecution told the court that Mr Timo on two occcasions tried to get the remaining two-thousand dollars in a way which threatened and intimidated the complainant.

Mr Konare then left the capital for his home island, and returned only when law and order returned with the presence of RAMSI in the country.

The prosecution also indicated that additional charges are likely to be laid against Timo.

Timo was also a candidate in the 2001 general election for the West Honiara seat which was won by Y Sato.