4 Mar 2004

French Polynesia gives water tanks to Tuamotu atolls

4:09 pm on 4 March 2004

The president of the French Polynesian government has signed an agreement with the mayor of Makemo island, Tuhiva Mairoto, to provide water tanks for several atolls in the Tuamotu group.

The project is expetced to cost more than 1-point-2 million US dollars and will be funded by the territorial administration.

The plan is to set up 320 tanks of 7,500 litres each to collect rain water mainly on Makemo, but also on the outlying atolls of Katiu, Raroia, Takume, Taenga and Nihuru.

A government statement, carried by the Tahitipresse news agency, says the lack of water reserves is a crucial issue for life on the atolls in question.