4 Mar 2004

Fiji bus operators seek clamp-down on illegal transport

2:49 pm on 4 March 2004

Fiji's Bus Operator Association applauds the Land Transport Authority's move to clamp down on about 10,000 illegal public transport operators.

The LTA is looking to seize over 8-thousand illegal mini vans, 400-illegal mini buses and 400-illegal taxis, under new powers expected to be granted by the minister.

The general secretary for the Fiji Bus Operators association, Dharma Nand, says very little has been done in the past to control them.

"Illegal mini vans that have sprung up in Fiji, and only in today's paper, the land transport authority looks at the possibility of getting the regulation signed from the minister for road land transport so that they can impound about 10-thousand mini vans which are taking away business from the buses. And they're not insured and very little is being done at the moment to control those."

Dharma Nand, the general secretary for Fiji's Bus Operators Association