2 Mar 2004

Fiji special constables with criminal records face sack

2:04 pm on 2 March 2004

The first batch of Fiji special constables with criminal records have faced a hearing by a board of management to determine their future.

Police spokesman, Mesake Koroi, says there are 100 special constables out of the 1300 currently in the force, who have been found to have convictions.

Some of these include rape and involvement in robberies.

Mr Koroi says they are being investigated by the board of management which comprises the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, the deputy commissioner and heads of department.

"The first batch of about thirteen people have already come before the board of management for them to be dismissed, and the board of management is looking at these, at the moment. And, once a decision is made, so hopefully by next week then, the first decision on the group will be made."

Mr Koroi says the board will also look at whether those with minor convictions have attempted to rebuild their lives and take performance indicators into account.