1 Mar 2004

Transport planes carrying emergency supplies due in Vanuatu today

7:09 am on 1 March 2004

Two Australian Hercules transport planes are due to arrive in cyclone-ravaged Vanuatu today with emergency supplies.

The aircraft are carrying a cargo of tarpaulins, water containers and water purification tablets.

New Zealand has already donated nearly fifty thousand US dollars

The funds will be used to put together three thousand packages for those worst affected by the cyclone.

Cyclone Ivy has left much of Vanuatu strewn with debris, after it was hit by winds of up to 190 kilometres per hour and soaked by torrential rains and sea surges.

The capital, Port Vila, escaped serious damage.

Two fishing boast which sank at their berths have now been removed and the port is open again.

France is sending a naval supply ship to Vanuatu early this week and is also providing a helicopter to help with relief and assessment work.