1 Mar 2004

Premier of Niue says Cyclone Heta could result in expats returning home

7:17 am on 1 March 2004

The premier of Niue, Young Vivian, believes that a positive effect of Cyclone Heta, which devastated much of the island eight weeks ago, is that many Niueans living overseas may return home permanently.

He says a number of expats back on the island helping in the clean up and the replanting of crops, could stay.

Mr Vivian says people have returned and rediscovered their roots, and recognize the opportunities presented by the redevelopment.

".. also making some hard decisions about their future, because when people come back and realise how much land and how much possibilities are going to happen with the new kind of development, particularly with housing and also in economic development, they're going to see there are possibilities for them in Niue in the future."

The Premier of Niue, Young Vivian