25 Feb 2004

Cooks Government expected to receive report on Titikaveka health scare cause today

4:46 pm on 25 February 2004

The results of a study commissioned by the Cook Islands government into what has caused health problems at Titikaveka is due to be released today.

A New Zealand scientist, Chris Simpson, spent several days on Rarotonga earlier this month after ongoing concerns over health problems at Titikaveka had seen the local college closed.

The original view was that soil in the village and particularly on the school's playing fields had been contaminated.

There have been a series of tests, at a cost of thousands of dollars, and some of the soil has been removed, but this link not been conclusively proven.

Meanwhile the Cooks Health Department last week gave the all clear, after a report from a World Health Organisation official who identified a substance in the lagoon, a type of algal bloom, as the cause of the health problems.