5 Feb 2004

A call for Col Waqanisau to be sacked - not made Fiji's ambassador to China

9:15 pm on 5 February 2004

A senior Fiji Labour Party MP has called for the sacking of the outgoing chief executive of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Col Jeremiah Waqanisau.

Poseci Bune made the call after the Prime Minister's office confirmed that Col Waqanisau was being posted to China as ambassador to allow for harmonious relations between the Home Affairs Ministry and Commodore Bainimarama.

The head of Mr Qarase's office said this was the price the Government had to pay to maintain peace and national security in the country.

But Mr Bune has criticised the Government's inability to take action against irresponsible civil servants.

He said in this case, a chief executive who did not want to work with the military commander appointed by the Government is being rewarded with a job in China.

Mr Bune said the Government should cancel Col Waqanisau's contract and get rid of him.