5 Feb 2004

Fiji Police Commissioner makes distinction between coup evidence and information

11:27 am on 5 February 2004

Fiji's police commissioner Andrew Hughes says fresh information he received about the May 2000 coup from two members of the Labour Party is not neccessarily evidence.

Labour Party president Jokepeci Koroi and MP Lavenia Padarath met Mr Hughes last week to ask about the lengthy investigation process.

As victims of the coup, Mrs Padarath and Mrs Koroi, say they're yet to be fully questioned about what happened and claim to have fresh information about powerful people who helped fund the coup.

While he says the meeting was fruitful, Mr Hughes says it may not amount to anything in the investigation.

"The difficulty, we tried to explain to the two ladies, is that there is a difference between information and evidence. There is a lot of information out there in terms of what people have heard. There are rumours, gossip and hearsay, but we can't use that as evidence. Unless someone comes to us and says, I was there when this occurred. I saw it happen and these words were said. First person direct evidence. That's what we're after to do a prosecution."