5 Feb 2004

Fiji Labour MP accuses government of ethnic cleansing

11:14 am on 5 February 2004

A Fiji Labour party MP, Dr Ganesh Chand, has accused the government of ethnic cleansing of the Indian race.

Dr Chand has told parliament that this is evident in the portrayal of the country in international promotions by the Fiji Visitors Bureau and Air Pacific.

He said one hardly sees the faces of non-indigenous Fijians in these promotions because the government is making an effort to hide the truth of the existence of many races in Fiji.

Dr Chand described this as ethnic cleansing of the mind that there are no Indians in Fiji.

But the tourism minister, Pita Nacuva, says the porttrayal of friendly indgenous Fijians, their cultural ceremonies, their food, music and traditional arts and crafts set Fiji apart from other tourist destinations.

Mr Nacuva says this was one of the marketing fundamentals used to build a desirable and popular premium brand destination.