3 Feb 2004

Polynesian Airlines says it has no plans to cut back flights to Niue after Cyclone Heta

8:14 am on 3 February 2004

Polynesian Airlines marketing manager in New Zealand says as far as he knows there are no plans to cut back services to Niue following the damage to the island's tourism facilities during Cyclone Heta.

The Pacific news agency ,PACNEWS, has reported that Polynesian, which diverts two of its Auckland/Apia flights each week to Niue, is in talks to assess the impact of the storm on tourism.

It says loadings are being monitored and its possible one of the two flights could be dropped.

But John Grainger, the airline's New Zealand spokesman, says loadings are about the same as before Cyclone Heta with aid workers and government officials replacing tourists on the planes.

He says he is not aware of any consideration being given to reducing the number of flights.

"Yeah we have a schedule, a committed schedule through to the 29th March, after then we change to what we call the northern summer schedule and that hasn't been release yet so I think any thoughts of any changes to those schedules are just speculative."