30 Jan 2004

Solomon Islands public servants to meet Monday to discuss latest in wage rise saga

4:56 pm on 30 January 2004

Leaders of public sector unions in Solomon Islands are to meet in Honiara today to discuss how they should approach an important meeting of members on Monday.

Union members are to attend an extraordinary meeting in the Solomons' capital on Monday about their demand for pay rises.

The Government has met an agreement to a 2.5% pay rise for State employees, but is under pressure not to follow through with back-dating and a cost-of-living rise.

Officials from the Regional Assistance Mission, or Ramsi, have proposed a compromise that would see no back-dating of the 2.5% and deferral until later this year or early next year of the cost-of-living component.

Tony Baura, the industrial relations officer for the Public Employees Union, says the union executive will seek members' views on the Ramsi plan on Monday.

He says whether the union makes a recommendation to members is one issue before today's meeting of union leaders.