28 Jan 2004

Cook Islands principal supports government meeting with students

5:03 pm on 28 January 2004

The principal of Cook Islands Tereora college, Keri Herman, says he supports government plans to meet with senior students over planning for courses.

The department of Human Resources Development has identified training priorities where it would like to see a greater alignment with students and their subjects.

The head of HRD, Mii Rairi, has said that marine resources is a priority area for government and students need to be taking science if they plan on being marine biologists.

Mr Herman says he will encourage his students to attend the meeting.

"IN: I think it's good in the sense that government has identified an area that obviously needs to be taken advantage of. And, of course with the marine field being emphasised with long line fishing, etc, it's a big thing now, after tourism. I think that's good but at the same time, students, most of them, will probably say, oh, you don't tell me what I'm going to do."

The meeting with the senior students is being held later this week on Rarotonga.