22 Jan 2004

Fiji tourism chief sees entry of Virgin Blue into market as opportunity for new type of tourism

5:34 pm on 22 January 2004

The managing director of the Fiji-based airline, Air Pacific, says the impending entry of the cut-price airline, Virgin Blue, into the market will bring the wrong sort of tourist to the country.

John Campbell says people flying low-fare airlines do not have much discretionary spending money and will not benefit the economy.

And the CEO of the Fiji Visitors Bureau in Suva, Bill Gavoka says there aren't enough beds to accommodate the current number of people wanting to come to Fiji, let alone extra numbers brought by a new airline.

But Mr Gavoka sees the possible entry of Virgin Blue into Fiji, as creating a new type of tourism in the country.

"Opportunities are there for development in other factors in the likes of the backpackers, the homestays, and things like that, and adventure, which would suit a carrier like Virgin Blue."