22 Jan 2004

Cook Islands Health Department encourages check-ups after health scare

5:34 pm on 22 January 2004

The Cook Islands Secretary of Health, Vaine Teokotai, says people are being encouraged to have hospital check-ups while a suspected chemical health scare in Titikaveka is investigated.

Following a series of recent complaints of conjunctivitis-type symptoms in Titikaveka, the ministries of Environment, Health, Agriculture, Marine Resources and Tourism are working together to address the issue.

The area concerned centres on a lagoon and a local sportsfield used by both villagers and Titikaveka College.

Mr Teokotai says at this stage they're asking all people to refrain from using the lagoon and the sports field, in order to reduce the effects on the general population.

"It appears to be those who are being transported by the water - there's a small stream running into the lagoon - and of course, it seems to be in the air as well. At this stage, we are encouraging people, not only locals but everybody including tourists, for checkups if they feel they may have been affected. We're encouraging everybody to go to the hospital for a checkup."