20 Jan 2004

Fiji Labour party attributes by-election win to vote against government

11:41 am on 20 January 2004

The Fiji Labour party is attributing its win in the Tavua by-election to people's frustration with the current government.

The FLP's vice-president, Krishna Datt, says the by-election for the Tavua open seat was held in a cane-belt area which has suffered from the uncertainty surrounding the sugar industry and land issues.

Mr Datt says the Labour party also saw a rise in support by indigenous Fijians.

"There's been a marked rise in the cost of living, there's been a whole lot of uncertainty around cane farmers' livelihood - unemployment amongst young people who all flocked to support Labour as well. All these political uncertainties translated into a political vote for Labour."

Mr Datt says the Labour party is prepared for the next general election.