19 Jan 2004

PNG Government prepares for a possible vote of no confidence

5:09 pm on 19 January 2004

The government of Papua New Guinea is securing itself against a possible vote of no confidence this week.

The National newspaper reports a provincial governor is behind moves to oust the government.

It's thought the government has enough numbers to win any vote of no-confidence but some MPs could vote against their own parties.

Our correspondent in Port Moresby, Peter Niesi, says the opposition wants to highlight the government's failure to pass the a law which would restrict the ability of Parliament to call for votes of no confidence.

"That's one issue that the Opposition and the parties that are aligned to the Opposition currently are saying - that because the Prime Minister has not managed to have his Government ranks pass the second vote the section on the 145 amendments twice already - if he loses it a third time, they think the Prime Minister should resign"

Peter Niesi.