15 Jan 2004

PNG tribunal recommends that Auditor-General be dismissed

4:31 pm on 15 January 2004

A Leadership tribunal in Papua New Guinea has recommended that Auditor-General Mark Wani be dismissed from office after finding him guilty of 33 counts of misconduct in office.

The tribunal's decision comes just before Mr Wani's appointment as the government's public funds watchdog expires on Monday.

Justice Kirriwom, who delivered the decision, says the tribunal noted that Mr Wani only had a few days left before his term expired but he says that is a matter for the appointing authorities.

Mr Wani's charges were all related to he receipt of payments he was not entitled to including vehicle maintenance costs 19-thousand US dollars more than the official limit.

In making the decision the tribunal rejected the prosecutions request for Mr Wani to be banned from holding public office for 33 years.