8 Jan 2004

Tongans worried about their future after Cyclone Heta

5:49 pm on 8 January 2004

The Telecommunications Officer for the Tongan island of Niuatoputapu, says people are worried about their future beacuse of the effects of Cyclone Heta.

Heta swept past the northern islands of Tonga earlier in the week, causing substantial damage to crops and plant-life.

Ta'e'iloa Kilioni says communications around the island have been repaired but now the locals hold other concerns.

Mr Kilioni says the food they are eating now is that which fell down in the hurricane, and he fears they will run out in a matter of months.

He says there is also a shortage of flour and sugar on the island which has compounded the situation.

A government assessment team including Red Cross members are due to report on the state of the island soon.