8 Jan 2004

Solomon Islands provincial office clamps down on illegal logging

11:14 am on 8 January 2004

Police in the Solomon Islands province of Isabel have been deployed to various logging sites to monitor an official notice served to logging companies operating illegally.

The office of Isabel Premier James Habu this week issued a warning to all logging companies operating without licenses to pay up or face legal action.

The companies have been warned that unpaid licenses would result in fines of a thousand dollars per day of operation.

Mr Habu says that since the breakdown in law and order in the country, a lot of companies have failed to comply with the Provincial Business License Ordinance.

"There is corruption and some of these logging companies have a questionable means of how they manage to come in and start operating, and they also have a tendency to not listen or co-operate with the province. We would really like them if they were operating in good faith, to be good co-operators; citizens of this province."