6 Jan 2004

Former Guam governor indicted on unauthorised use of funds

7:38 am on 6 January 2004

The former governor of Guam Carl Gutierrez has been indicted on charges he used more than 64-thousand US dolalrs worth of government materials and personnel to build his ranch.

Gutierrez and former Department of Administration Director Clifford Guzman were also indicted in connection with allegedly authorising the use of government funds to pay for thousands of private streetlights.

The Attorney-General Douglas Moylan told a news conference that this is just the beginning of a difficult journey which will hopeful result in punishment for the criminal actions of possibly the most trusted government official of the last 8 years.

Mr Moylan says the government materials had been mostly earmarked for the Triangle Park in Agana Heights but were used at the former governor's two-storey cliifside ranch in Dededo.