5 Jan 2004

NZ doctor wins a Queens Medal for hospital work in PNG

8:25 am on 5 January 2004

A New Zealand doctor whose been working in rural Papua New Guinea for the past 50 years has been awarded a Queens Service medal from New Zealand for her services.

Dr Linnie Calvert says the community in Kapuna had no hospital when her and her husband first arrived 50 years ago and she now fears that there won't be anyone to replace her.

She says she's now being recognized for her pioneer work but it's extremely hard to find people who will work in the rural areas.

Dr Linnie Calvert says her and her husband served there together from 1955.

Her husband died in 1982.

She says her two daughters are doctors in New Zealand, and hopes one of them will be interested in continuing on the work at the rural hospital in Papua New Guinea.