22 Dec 2003

Fiji information minister also attacks military comments

11:17 am on 22 December 2003

Fiji's information minister, Simione Kaitani, says military commander, Frank Bainimarama's statement that those who instigated the year 2000 coup and mutinies may go unpunished is causing instability in the country.

The Daily Post quotes Mr Kaitani as saying Fiji is no longer under military rule, but being run by a democratically elected government.

His comments follow recent statements by Commodore Bainimarama that Fiji still has people associated with the coup who have gone unpunished and are now holding leadership positions in the country.

Mr Kaitani says if the military commader is referring to current ministers who were seen near parliament during the coup, then he must know they have all gone through the process required of them by law.

Mr Kaitani says they have all been questioned and taken to court, so there is no question of anyone going unpunished.

The information minister has also denied that government officials are trying to push Commodore Bainimarama out of his job.