12 Dec 2003

New Caledonia's FLNKS to hold weekend congress

5:03 pm on 12 December 2003

New Caledonia's pro-independence FLNKS movement will this weekend hold its second congress of the year ahead of the election of a new territorial congress expected to be held in May.

The meeting in Dumbea comes amid tension among the movement's main factions.

The Palika group has strengthened its position in the mainly Kanak northern province at a time when the traditionally dominant force, the Caledonian Union, has become more radical in its dealings with France.

The FLNKS congress is also due to choose a new leader to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Roch Wamytan.

A Palika spokesperson, Charles Wea, says the congress will re-examine the role of the movement.

"We are going to make political analyses of the implementation of the Noumea accord and also the second point is to redefine the role of the FLNKS as the main political organisation of the Kanak people."

Charles Wea