11 Dec 2003

Fiji checks out whether Liberia is a suitable and safe place to send a police team

11:29 am on 11 December 2003

Fiji's top policeman has left for a week-long fact-finding mission in Liberia to assess whether it is safe for a contingent of Fiji police to be deployed there.

The Acting Police Commissioner, Sada Nand, says Commissioner of Police Andrew Hughes is en route to Liberia with an assistant, Bule Mainipalu.

Mr Nand says Cabinet approved the deployment last month and police are being trained for it now, although it's not yet been decided how many police will go.

Mr Nand says there are many factors to consider before the Liberia deployment is given the green light.

"We need to know their duty engagement; we need to know the area that they're going to be deployed; we need to know the conditions and the place....Is it conducive for a Fijian contingent to be deployed? All these things are to be done, to be found out, to ensure that our officers who will be deployed there in the near future are taken care of and they're accustomed to the climate and the area of development of deployment."