9 Dec 2003

Fiji landowners warn investors about movie projects

11:29 am on 9 December 2003

A group of indigenous landowners in Fiji has warned investors about putting their money into the 500-million US dollar Studio City project.

The Fiji Sun reports that the Raviravi landowning unit in Ba have told Paradise Entertainment Limited to think twice about investing money into the project which is to be based at Yaqara in north western Viti Levu.

A spokesman for the group, Eseroma Tuibua, says they want to know how a company known as Vatukaloko Investment was formed and who gave them the authority to deal with Paradise Entertainment for land at the project site.

Mr Tuibua says after talks with officials of the Lands Department in Suva, they have found that the land in question is state land without title.

He says the directors of Vatukaloko Investment made a deal with Paradise Entertainment when they were not the traditional owners of the land.

He says people of Raviravi want their land back for their maintenance and support, and what happens to Paradise Entertainment is not their business.